When driving in an unusual terrain, which is usually rough, pot-holed and rugged, your vehicle tends to bounce off or move up and down resulting to ride discomfort and awful handling. It's a good thing that automobiles are equipped with a suspension assembly. A suspension is that portion of a vehicle that attaches the wheels to the metal skeletal structure called frame. However, because of the constant and rigid use, the vehicle's suspension usually gets damaged earlier than what you think. You may ask what will be the result of a damaged or defective suspension - it loses its ability to keep a firm contact between the wheels and the road plus poor ride quality and unreliable handling.

If you really want to enjoy driving or even a more relaxed ride, invest on good quality suspension system. This suspension system is made up of various components with each of them performing distinct functions. Among those components is the ball joint like the Toyota ball joint. This component is described as the flexible coupling component that connects the control arm into the knuckle. It is a pivotal part of the wrist movement including the movement of the car's front wheels (front suspension). Basically, ball joints operate similarly to a ball and socket mechanism of the human's hip. It is designed to have a round-head part that rotates in a cuplike crater. It is commonly used to vehicle's having independent front suspension systems.

The primary problem that faces a ball joint is it becoming loose resulting to suspension noise and wheel misalignment. The solution? Regular lubrication. Although there are ball joints that are capable or working efficiently even in the absence of some grease, still, ball joints are more efficient when constantly lubricated, say twice a year. In case your vehicle's ball joints have been severely damaged, you have no other choice but to have it replaced immediately. Here at Parts Train we offer good quality ball joints for various car makes and models, and we definitely have one for your Toyota automobile.