The human body is composed of numerous bones that are connected by means of the joints. All joints serve as connectors in order for the human body, especially the skeletal system to move harmoniously. Without these joints there will be no smooth joining of the extremities to the main body parts. However, joints are not only present in humans. If you just take some time to examine the things around you, you will notice that they too have joints integrated in them.

Joints are also very important in all wheeled devices, particularly cars. The car's chassis is composed of the axle and shafts and these components are linked by means of a ball joint. The ball joint is similar to almost any kind of ball and socket device that you will see around. However, the ball joint in cars has very special functions to perform and the most important task it has is that it attaches the control arm to the steering knuckle. In this manner the driver is able to maneuver the vehicle easily in whatever direction he intends to take. The ball joint also helps in supporting the whole weight of the vehicle. Proper wheel alignment is likewise made possible through the use of ball joint.

The ball joint in cars display the same ball and socket construction like other joints. But if you look into its interior, you will see that it is made up of hardened-steel, bearing stud as well as socket housed in a steel casing. These components are carefully constructed in order to run smoothly. It is situated in a steel casing so that the dirt will not be able to enter and wreck damage to the assembly. All cars that feature the conventional suspension systems make use of two ball joints, one upper and one lower joint.

The ball joint of your car, even if it's a Suzuki, will not last forever. If dirt or rocks don't damage it, it is likely to become loose. Driving a car with a loose ball joint is not enjoyable because the steering and suspension capabilities are sorely affected. This will not be comfortable for you as well as for the passengers that you have. If you notice wheel misalignment when you take it out for a drive or if there's some noise in the suspension, you have to replace your ball joint.

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