So you notice a clunking sound as you move in reverse and as you run even faster, the sound gets more noticeable, that can be a sign of a broken Saturn Ion-2 ball joint. If you are not really acquainted with the vehicle's ball joint, it is a rotating coupling that acts as the interface between your vehicle's suspension and tires; this is the reason why you'll see abnormal wear patterns in the tires and you will notice bad handling as soon as the ball joint stops working.

It's easy to spot a ball joint defect: just visually inspect the tread of your tires for scalloping as well as too much wear. If just after your inspection you found out that your stock unit is currently needing calling for replacement, make sure that the replacement Saturn Ion-2 ball joint you'll purchase will offer you the resilience and functionality that will sure answer the demands of the majority of drivers. With a reliable replacement ball joint, you can be sure that the ride's knuckle will be securely held in place as your wheel goes down and up or turns from right to left.

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