Your Pontiac Wave5 ball joint keeps the steering knuckle tightly hooked up to the control arm, making sure the wheels can spin with less trouble as you steer your vehicle. Your car's ball joint lets you enjoy superb ride control even over humps and shock, but due to harsh elements, it'll deteriorate eventually. You may experience rough steering and awful suspension in case any of the ball joints breaks.

When you hear that clicking sound that might later on become a thump, you'd better confirm if there's a failing ball joint right before the front wheels begin to shimmy. If ever you see a defective ball joint, change it straight away right before the wheels move loosely and the tires wear out prematurely with scuffs and other unconventional patterns all over them. Keeping a ruined ball joint is not safe by any means-you might lose full rein over your automobile, specially when cornering or driving over humps. Choose a high-grade replacement that not only fits your vehicle snugly but is also designed to withstand even the toughest driving environment.

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