A lot of people look for manageability and good steering ability in the car that they drive. This is characteristics are achieved through the steering system as well as suspension system that a car is installed with. The suspension system in particular is accountable for keeping the car wheels in properly aligned with the road during the drive. Through the suspension, the driver and passengers are also given comfort because it screens the jolts and bounce especially in rough roads.

The steering and suspension are not stand-alone car components. They are made up of various parts like struts, shock, springs, sway bars as well as ball joints. Among these components, the ball joint may be the least popular. The ball joint functions just like the joints of the human by connecting the different parts together. In the case of the suspension's ball joint, it connects the front wheels to the vehicle's main axle thus it is easy to maneuver using the steering wheel. This also serves to supports the weight of the vehicle. Almost all vehicles are built with two ball joints - the upper and the lower.

To the inexperienced eye, the ball joint may look just like any other ordinary joint since it is usually made of the ball and socket structure. But if you take it apart and examine the contents you will the hardened—steel, bearing stud and the socket enclosed in the steel case. Manufacturers make use of high quality raw materials in creating the ball joints so that it will be used for a long time. Most of the ball joints being installed in the vehicles are the permanently lubed kind. This type is very suitable especially for car owners who do not have the extra time to go to the shop for the purpose. But after a long while, the factory ball joints also tend to give out so the options you have are the replacement ball joints. These replacement ball joints are not permanently lubed so you will have to make time to lube them.

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