Your Plymouth Acclaim ball joint keeps the steering knuckle securely attached to the A-frame, so the wheels can move with less trouble as you maneuver your car. Your vehicle's ball joint allows you to experience excellent ride control even over bumps and shock, but due to damage-causing elements, this will wear out after some time. Because of a bad ball joint, you will have to suffer from sloppy steering and poor suspension.

If you hear that clicking sound that can later on change into a bang, you've got to check for a problematic ball joint just before the front wheels begin to shimmy. If ever you see a worn-out ball joint, change this right away before the wheels become loose and the tires break prematurely with scalloping and other uncommon patterns all over them. Using a busted ball joint is not safe by any means-you may lose full control over your vehicle, specially when cornering or driving over bumps. Seek a first-class OE replacement that not only matches your automobile to the tee but is also made to withstand even the toughest road environment.

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