Automobile buyers always want to get a first hands-on experience in the car that they are intending to purchase. This first contact is very crucial because they usually base their decision on the experience that they got from driving that particular vehicle. The first driving impression can really make or break a potential sale. Car manufacturers are aware of this fact that's why they utilize only the finest devices in car production. Great caution and attention is placed in the suspension and steering systems of the vehicle because it is accountable for making a first impression in drivability and handling.

This good drivability is possible because all of the essential components are present including especially the ball joint. Some car owners may even be unfamiliar with this feature because it is only the struts and springs that are usually mentioned when the suspension is talked about. As you can gather from the name, this element is made up with a ball and socket structure. It may look like other ordinary joints but when you inspect its components you'll see the hardened-steel, bearing stud and socket that are enclosed in a steel casing. All of these aspects of the ball joint are precisely cut and organized so that it will be able to perform its tasks efficiently.

The ball joint carry out several jobs at the same period. Primarily it serves as pivot pints by connecting the main axle to the wheels so that it will be easy to maneuver when going out for a drive. In some vehicles this also helps to support the whole weight of the vehicle. The presence of the ball joint makes it proper wheel alignment very feasible. If your car happens to be equipped with a conventional type of suspension, then most likely, it has two ball joints in it — the upper and the lower joint.

The ball joints that come with your car when you bought it is the permanently lubed kind. Having this kind is very convenient because you won't be bothered about giving time just to lube it from time to time. But then the ball joint will inevitably get damaged and you'll have to rely on the replacement ball joint. This replacement is not as convenient as the original because you'll have to make it a point to lube it regularly. But it's better than driving around with broken ball joints.

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