Linking the A-frame to one of the steering knuckles, your Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme ball joint works as a pivot between the wheels and suspension. In contact with road debris and many other damaging elements, ball joints may crack and mess up handling, as you lose great control over your motor vehicle, particularly whenever you drive over holes and bumps. You will certainly experience hard steering and poor suspension when any of the ball joints breaks.

As soon as you notice that clicking sound that might soon become a bang, you've got to check for a broken ball joint before the front wheels begin to shimmy. When your wheels feel like they wander and you spot unusual wear patterns somewhere in your tires like scuffs, you should inspect this suspension component and change this part right away if necessary. Holding on to a broken ball joint is not safe by any means-you might lose great control over your vehicle, especially when cornering or driving over holes and bumps. Buy a new ball joint that's specially built for the make and model of your vehicle and superbly engineered to last for a long while.

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