Connecting the A-frame to the steering knuckle, your Oldsmobile Cutlass ball joint is used as a pivot in-between the suspension and wheels. In contact with dirt and many other damaging elements, ball joints may fail and spoil handling, as you lose full control over your car, especially whenever you drive over holes and bumps. Due to a broken ball joint, you will have to deal with rough steering and terrible suspension.

Clicks and clunks may be attributed to a loose ball joint. If ever you spot a worn-out ball joint, restore this right away before the wheels move loosely and the tires wear out prematurely with cupping and other uncommon patterns around them. Driving with a busted ball joint on your automobile's suspension is not really a good option-when you make a turn or drive over bumps on the rd., the wheels may shake and make it tough to maneuver your vehicle. Choose a high-grade OE replacement that not only suits your automobile like a glove but is also made to survive even the most unforgiving driving environment.

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