The largest car manufacturer in the world today is General Motors. This name encompasses a wide marquee of brands, so it can be said that GM has a very wide reach when it comes to the vehicle market. Most of GM's brands still exist and are very productive until today. However, there are also some that have already stopped production and one of them is the Oldsmobile. This brand ran production from 1897 until 2004 so with 107 years of production, this is probably one of the longest running brand until it was phased out. Approximately 35.2 million units were produced under the Oldsmobile name and were distributed in various parts of the world. Since, it was not so long ago since its production was stopped, a lot of Oldsmobiles that can be seen on the streets today. Those who are lucky enough to still own one should make it a point that all its integral parts are kept in excellent shape.

Oldsmobiles generally have excellent drivability and road manageability. This feature made it one of the most popular vehicles during its time. Excellent drivability is made possible because of the great suspension and steering systems. When these systems are mentioned, the usual thing that comes to mind is struts, springs and the ball joint. The ball joint is very important because it works as pivot points between the tires and the suspension - in simpler words it connects these two areas making it easy to maneuver the wheels. The ball joint also supports the weight of the vehicle and helps to align the wheels in proportion to the car.

The enormity of its function may seem contrasting to its appearance. When you just judge this device by its looks, it really leaves a lot to be desired because it looks just like any other ball and socket construction. However it's a little more advanced than your ordinary joint because it is made up hardened-steel, bearing stud and socket enclosed in a steel framework. The framework is very important because it protects the inner elements from harmful elements.

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