So you start hearing a clicking noise as you move in reverse and as your speed improves, the noise grows more obvious, that could be an indication of a damaged Nissan Titan ball joint. If you're not familiar with the ball joint, it's a rotating coupling acting as the pivot point in between the suspension and the tires; this explains why you'll notice abnormal patterns of wear in your tires and you'll observe unfavorable handling as soon as the ball joint stops working.

A great way to identify ball joint trouble is to look at the tread to check for scallops as well as too much wear. When you're hunting for a new ball joint, don't go for the cheapest unit you'll see; instead, go for the Nissan Titan ball joint that guarantees high-quality materials and outstanding performance that could match the expectations of demanding vehicle owners. Obtaining a reliable replacement ball joint is also a way to make sure that your automobile's knuckle is firmly maintained in its proper place particularly when the wheels begin to move down and up, right and left.

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