Connecting the A-arm to one of the steering knuckles, your Mitsubishi Eclipse ball joint is used as a pivot placed between the wheels and suspension. In contact with dirt and many other damage-causing elements, ball joints may fail and spoil handling, as you lose full control over your motor vehicle, particularly when driving over holes and bumps. Because of a busted ball joint, you will have to cope with hard steering and horrible suspension.

Clunking noises might be traced to a worn-out ball joint. When your wheels feel like they move loosely and you spot abnormal wear patterns on your tires like cupping, you ought to check this suspension component and restore it instantly when necessary. Using a broken ball joint isn't good at all-you can easily lose full rein over your car, specially when cornering or driving over bumps. Buy a new ball joint that is specially built for the specifications of your motor vehicle and precision-engineered to last for a long while.

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