Linking the A-arm to the steering knuckle, your Mercury Marauder ball joint works as a pivot placed between the wheels and vehicle suspension. In contact with road debris and several other damaging elements, ball joints may fail and ruin steering and suspension, as you lose great control over your vehicle, specially whenever you drive over humps. You may go through sloppy steering and poor suspension when one of the ball joints goes bad.

Once you get to hear that clicking sound that might eventually become a thump, you've got to see if there's a failing ball joint before the front wheels begin to shake. If you find a defective ball joint, replace the part immediately before the wheels turn loose and the tires wear out prematurely with cupping and other strange patterns all over them. Driving with a worn-out ball joint on your vehicle's suspension isn't a good idea-when you corner or come across humps on the street, the wheels may wobble and make it difficult to maneuver your automobile. Seek a top-quality OE replacement that not only suits your vehicle like a glove but is also engineered to withstand even the harshest road environment.

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