Joining the A-frame to the steering knuckle, your Mercedes Benz Cl600 ball joint serves as a pivot between the wheels and suspension. Your automobile's ball joint enables you to enjoy smooth ride control even over humps and jerks, but due to harsh elements, it will tear apart eventually. With a busted ball joint, you will have to cope with sloppy steering and poor suspension.

If you get to hear that clicking sound that might eventually change into a bang, you'd better see if there's a damaged ball joint just before the front-end wheels begin to wobble. If you find a defective ball joint, change it immediately right before the wheels move loosely and the tires wear out prematurely with cupping and other strange patterns around them. Having a ruined ball joint is not safe in any way-you can easily lose full rein over your vehicle, particularly when turning or driving over humps. Choose a top-quality OE replacement that not only suits your automobile like a glove but is also engineered to endure even the harshest road conditions.

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