Connecting the A-frame to the steering knuckle, your Mercedes Benz 190d ball joint works as a pivot in-between the suspension and wheels. Your car's ball joint enables you to enjoy smooth ride quality even over potholes and shock, but because of damage-causing elements, it will break after a while. Because of a busted ball joint, you may have to suffer from hard steering and terrible suspension.

Clicks and clunks can be attributed to a worn-out ball joint. If ever you find a worn-out ball joint, upgrade it instantly before the wheels turn loose and the tires wear out prematurely with cupping and other unconventional patterns around them. Keeping a broken ball joint isn't good in any way-you might lose full control over your vehicle, especially when turning or driving over humps. Search for a first-class replacement unit that not only matches your automobile to the tee but is also made to endure even the toughest road environment.

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