Your Mercedes Benz ball joints are crucial parts of your suspension system.  Ball joints are the hinged points between the ties and the suspension in your vehicle.  The weight of your vehicle is also held up by the ball joints.  Every vehicle has ball joints in their suspension systems.  Eventually, you may need to replace your ball joints.  Older model cars and trucks, as well as, vehicles with higher mileage will eventually need some type of suspension work.  It's really obvious to the driver when something goes wrong with the suspension system.  Clanking noises and shaky sensations are two big clues that your suspension system is in trouble.  The inability to drive a straight, smooth line is also a clear indicator that some work needs to be done on your suspension system.  You should always repair suspension problems as soon as they occur.  With ball joints, you could be in for a big surprise if you don't replace the worn or broken ones in a timely fashion.  Although rare, it is possible for your wheel to fall off the vehicle if broken ball joints are ignored for too long.