Linking the A-arm to a steering linkage, your Mazda B2200 ball joint works as a pivot in-between the wheels and vehicle suspension. Subjected to dirt and other damaging elements, ball joints may crack and mess up steering and suspension, as you lose full rein over your car, particularly when driving over holes and bumps. Using a broken ball joint, you will have to cope with sloppy steering and awful suspension.

If you get to hear that click that may later on turn into a thump, you'd better check for a damaged ball joint before the front wheels begin to shimmy. If ever you see a defective ball joint, repair it straight away right before the wheels move loosely and the tires fail prematurely with cupping and other strange patterns all over them. Using a damaged ball joint isn't good by any means-you may lose great control over your automobile, especially when making sudden turns or driving over holes and bumps. Spend money on a new ball joint that's custom-made for the make and model of your motor vehicle and superbly engineered to last for a long time.

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