The moment you notice a clicking sound when backing up and as you go faster, the sound gets more apparent, that could be a sign of a damaged Lincoln Mark Vii ball joint. If you're unfamiliar with the vehicle's ball joint, it is a revolving coupling that acts as the interface between the vehicle's suspension and the tires; it describes why there are abnormal signs of wear in the tires and you will discover poor handling the moment your ball joint stops working.

It's very easy to determine a ball joint defect: simply look at the tread of the tires for scallops and excessive wear. If you are searching for a brand new ball joint, don't go for the cheapest unit you'll first see; instead, select the Lincoln Mark Vii ball joint that ensures top-quality materials and outstanding functionality that would match the demands of demanding motorists. With a reliable ball joint replacement, you can be confident that the vehicle's knuckle will be safely held in place as the wheel goes down and up or turns from side to side.

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