From among the different systems found in your Lincoln Mark LT vehicle, the suspension and the steering are essential in providing your car a good stance. The suspension system is of course composed of several components that are essential in serving its purpose. Your Lincoln Mark LT ball joint is one of these components. Ball joints are found on the front end of every vehicle. For some vehicles which has a conventional suspension system, its ball joint actually comes in pair for every wheel. These are called the upper and the lower ball joint. The MacPherson suspension system utilizes an upper strut bearing instead of upper ball joint. So the combination is a lower ball joint and an upper strut bearing.

Your Lincoln Mark LT ball joint is important because it serves as a pivot point between the suspension and the tires. A ball joint is used to correct the condition of the front wheel to the main axle that allows the wheel to turn and be maneuvered while supporting the weight of the vehicle. The ball joint design must ensure flex in order to comply with the steering movement since the ball joint assist the steering linkage and knuckle point. Actually, ball joint designs include a hardened steel, bearing stud, and a socket that is enclosed in the steel housing. Likewise, it features tapered and threaded design. This threaded design fits into the tapered hole found in the steering knuckle. Its protective boot maintains the ball joint dirt-free.

Maintenance of ball joints is actually easy. For ball joints that come with lubrication fittings, it only requires lubrication during every oil change. Regular inspection of ball joints together with the rest of the suspension system should be practiced regularly for a quick engine response and proper handling. A wheel alignment is also essential in maintaining the vehicle's good stance as well as in preventing pre-mature wearing. But if you already notice some symptoms of a bad ball joint, consider an immediate replacement. Symptoms like wandering, erratic steering, and uneven wire indicates trouble with the ball joint. Inspection of ball joints must also be done only by professionals since ball joints specifications differ.

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