Once you know that you need new Lincoln ball joints, don't wait to purchase your replacements.  Your ball joints are some of the most important components of your suspension system.  Ball joints act as pivoting points between the ties and suspension in your vehicle.  The weight of your vehicle is also supported by your ball joints.  Just like every other part of your vehicle, at some point, your suspension system is going to run into some problems.   Higher mileage and older model vehicles are especially susceptible to ball joint wear and tear.  When you are experiencing any type of suspension problem, it's really hard to ignore.  Some of the most common signs that you're suspension has stopped functioning properly are loud, clanking noises and an inability to drive in a straight, smooth line.   The biggest tip-off that your ball joints are shot is the wiggling, wobbling sensation you experience every time you get behind the wheel.  These clues should be enough to have your car inspected.  If you continue to drive your car in this condition, you could end up loosing a wheel.