Your Lexus Gs350 ball joint keeps the steering knuckle tightly hooked up to the A-frame so that the wheels can move steadily as you drive your car. Your automobile's ball joint lets you experience smooth ride quality even over humps and jerks, but due to damage-causing elements, it'll deteriorate eventually. You will certainly notice rough steering and awful suspension as soon as one of the ball joints breaks.

When you get to hear that click that might soon become a thud, you'd better see if there's a loose ball joint right before the front wheels start to shimmy. When you find a worn-out ball joint, restore this straight away just before the wheels become loose and the tires wear out prematurely with scuffs and other uncommon patterns around them. Keeping a broken ball joint isn't safe by any means-you can easily lose full rein over your automobile, especially when making sharp turns or driving over humps. Put money into a brand-new ball joint that's custom-made for the make, model, and year of your vehicle and durably constructed to last for years.

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