So you hear a clicking sound as you move in reverse and as you go faster, the sound grows more obvious, that is a sign of a defective Lexus Es300 ball joint. If you are not really acquainted with the automotive ball joint, it's a turning coupling serving as the interface between the suspension and the tires; this is the reason why there are irregular signs of wear in the tires and you will discover bad handling the moment the ball joint malfunctions.

A good way to identify ball joint problem is to look at the tread and search for scallops or abnormal wear. If during your inspection you learned that your stock is now in need of calling for replacement, ensure that the replacement Lexus Es300 ball joint you'll purchase will give the durability and performance that will sure meet the requirements of most drivers. With a high-quality ball joint replacement, you can be certain that the automobile's knuckle will be safely kept in place as your wheel goes down and up or switches from left to right.

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