The comfortable ride is highly dependent on the control and handling the driver has on his vehicle. And the proper handling is very much affected by the suspension system of your car. The suspension system contributes to the handling and braking of the vehicle as well as keeping the ride comfortable by isolating the passengers from the noise, vibrations and bumps that the car undergoes on a drive. The suspension system does not only mean the springs, struts, shocks and sway bars. There are still other components that are part of the suspension system like the ball joints. The different components work together to dampen the bouncing that will create an uncomfortable ride or ensuring road isolation. It is responsible for keeping the tires in contact with the ground to ensure the best ability of the car to steer, brake and accelerate.

The Land Rover Range Rover Ball Joint is a flexible joint that uses a ball and socket type of construction. It is a steel spherical bearing stud and socket enclosed in steel casing and fits between the steering knuckle and A- arm. As your wheel turns from side to side and as it bounces up and down, it holds the steering knuckle firmly in place by connecting the front wheels to its main axle which allows easy maneuvering and turning of your car wheels. Thus, it plays a critical role in the safe operation of trucks steering and suspension. The ball joints serve as the pivot points that support weights and make the wheel alignment settings. They also serve as pivot points between the suspension and tires.

Vehicles with a typical type of suspension system usually have an upper and lower ball joint. Cars with the MacPherson strut suspension system uses the lower ball joints with an upper strut bearing rather than the upper ball joint. Most vehicles are now equipped with permanently lubed ball joints, with a casing that is permanently sealed to prevent the entry of dirt and contaminants. These are more convenient because car owners need not lube it regularly.

The clicking or snapping sound that you hear when the wheel is being turned which eventually turns into a squeaking sound towards the end of a stop, when the gas pedal is being pressed or when the car hits a bump are signs of a failing ball joint. The ball joints failure would cause you to lose control of the wheel because the wheel angles will be set free, it might damage the tires. Immediately replace your Land Rover Range Rover Ball Joint replacement which you can get from Parts Train.