One of the considered vital systems of the Kia Rio is the suspension. It is designed to keep the auto wheels in contact with the road at all times likewise to offer a comfortable ride to the driver and to the passengers. You may not enjoy the numerous innovative features of the Kia Rio if there is no suspension. Imagine a car without a suspension system. For sure you will not enjoy the ride even though you are offered with the most comfortable seat on the Kia sedan. Just like other systems, the suspension comes with numerous auto components. Each of them has distinct role but work hand in hand to make the operation of the suspension efficient and smooth.

There are a number of suspension parts that we are not so familiar with. We thought that the system is composed only of shocks, springs, struts, and sway bars. Actually there are other stuffs that are as vital as those we know yet we don't know that they exist. A good example is the ball joint. A ball joint of the Kia Rio is a very essential suspension member. It comes with a socket type flexible joint that makes use of a ball. On average, it is crafted from hardened steel, a bearing stud, and a socket lodged by a steel housing. The ball joint's purpose of existence is actually to serve steering linkage setups and the steering knuckle pivot supports. There it works a pivot point for the suspension and tires. Aside from that, it is also supports weight as well as for the wheel alignment settings.

There are vehicles that come with conventional type of suspension systems that use two ball joints in every wheel: the upper ball joint and the lower ball joint. But there are some that come with McPherson suspension systems which uses the lower ball joint only. This is because it works with an upper strut bearing instead of an upper ball joint. By the way, ball joints are lubed permanently as a pack that houses the lubrication and seals it in a permanent basis.

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