There are many auto systems the Jeep Liberty has, and one of the most important is the suspension. This system purpose of existence is to keep the wheels of the Jeep Cherokee in good contact with the road pavement and at the same time provides comfort to the driver and other vehicle occupants. On this system, you will notice that it also possesses many parts in which each of them serves with different functions but work in hand in hand to serve the purpose of the suspension to the overall operation of the Jeep model. Most of us think that the system is composed only of shocks, springs, struts, and sway bars; in reality, actually there are more than what we can see with our bare eyes.

One of the best examples is the ball joint. This stuff is considered as a very important suspension member. As the name suggests, it comes in a construction of a socket type flexible joint that utilizes a ball. It is typically composed of hardened steel, a bearing stud, and a socket accommodated by a steel housing. The main function of the ball joint is to serve the steering linkage setups and the steering knuckle pivot supports where it also acts as a pivot point for the suspension and tires. Aside from that, this suspension member is also for supporting weight and goes for the wheel alignment settings.

Some vehicles that come with conventional type of suspension systems use two ball joints in every wheel: the upper ball joint and the lower ball joint. Vehicles with McPherson suspension systems, on the other hand, use only one —the lower ball joint; to work with an upper strut bearing. The Jeep Liberty employs ball joints that are lubed permanently. More to the point, it might even necessary since the pack that houses the lubrication is sealed permanently. However, the ball joint can get damaged or wear out too just like other auto parts.

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