If you've been driving your Jeep, knowing that you have to replace your Jeep ball joints, you should stop immediately.  Driving your vehicle with bad ball joints is very dangerous for you, your passengers, and everyone else on the road.  Prolonged driving with damaged or missing ball joints could result in a complete lose of its wheel or wheels.  This is an extreme scenario and will most likely never happen to you.  The signs of a suspension problem are not easily ignored.  You'll notice that as you drive, your vehicle is wobbly and unable to stay in a straight line.  There may also be loud, clunking noises coming from your vehicle when you attempt to drive over bumps if you are having problems with your suspension system.  The purpose of your ball joints is to joint your ties and suspension together.  The weight of your vehicle is also supported by the ball joints.  Higher mileage vehicles are usually the ones that end up needing replacement ball joints ands ties.