Your Infiniti Qx4 ball joint keeps the steering knuckle strongly connected to the A-arm, so the wheels can spin with less trouble as you steer your motor vehicle. Subjected to dirt and other damage-causing elements, ball joints may break and spoil steering and suspension, as you lose great control over your motor vehicle, especially if driving over humps. You will notice rough steering and awful suspension when any of the ball joints breaks.

Clicks and clunks can be caused by a worn-out ball joint. Once your wheels feel like they move loosely and you spot strange wear patterns around your tires such as scuffs, you should examine the ball joint and replace this straight away when necessary. Having a broken ball joint is not safe at all-you may possibly lose full rein over your vehicle, specially when turning or driving over humps. Look for a high-grade OE replacement that not only matches your automobile snugly but is also built to survive even the harshest road environment.

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