The suspension system of your vehicle takes a dual purpose of contributing to the handlings and braking of your car as well as making sure the vehicle occupants is kept comfortable by isolating them from the noise, vibrations and bumps that the car undergoes on a drive. W hen we say suspension system, we do not only mean the springs, struts, shocks and sway bars. There are also equally important parts that we do not know of, or maybe you know it but you didn't think it was part of the suspension system, and that part is the ball joint.

The Infiniti I35 Ball Joint is steel spherical bearing stud and socket enclosed in a steel casing and fits into a tapered hole in the steering knuckle that serves as the pivot between the wheels and the suspension of the vehicle. The ball joint is flexible and uses a ball and socket type of construction because of its use for the string linkage setups and steering knuckle pivot supports. This serves as the pivot points between the suspensions and tires and in some vehicles, this supports weight and makes wheel alignment settings. It plays an integral role in the safe operation of your car's steering and suspension. It holds the steering knuckle firmly in place as your wheel turns from side to side by connecting the front wheels to its main axle which allows easy maneuvering and turning of your car wheels.

Those vehicles with typical types of suspension system usually have an upper and lower ball joint. But, those vehicles using a MacPherson strut suspension system only uses a lower ball joint and an upper strut bearing .The Infiniti I35 Ball Joint has a protective casing that prevents dirt and other harmful and damaging contaminants from getting into the ball joint assembly. Signs of a failing ball joint are the clicking or snapping sound that you hear when the wheel is being turned which eventually turns into a squeaking sound towards the end of a stop, when the gas pedal is being pressed or when the car hits a bump. And when the ball joints fail, the results are quite dangerous because you will lose control of the wheel because the wheel angles will be set free and might damage the tires.

Nowadays, ball joints are lubed permanently for those whose steel casings are permanently sealed. But for those standard ball joints, it would be best to have your ball joints lubed regularly. For replacements to your Infiniti I35 Ball Joint, visit Parts Train.