A good driver is capable of knowing if there is something wrong with the mechanisms, systems or components of the vehicle that he is driving. If the driver is sensitive enough, he will be able to recognize a defective or malfunctioning suspension system. Since a vehicle's suspension is designed to keep vehicle's wheels in firm and contact with the road (traction) and to provide a comfortable ride for the occupants, a single defect can lead to a very uncomfortable ride. Just think of the entire work load of the vehicle being shifted to the wheels — the result would be a rough and bumpy ride over rugged terrains.

Conversely, the springs located underneath the vehicle takes control of the pounding of the vehicle's mass against the ground whenever you drive over an uneven terrain. Supported by a shock absorber, such pounding is further regulated, and the car's supposed to be bouncing and swaying motion after each bump is converted into a more relaxed and easy ride.

Looking closely at the vehicle's suspension system, you will notice a flexible coupling component that attaches the control arm into the knuckle of the system. Such coupling is called a ball joint which is the pivotal portion of the wrist movement and that of the vehicle's front wheels. This assembly is better known as the front suspension. Ball joints like the Infiniti ball joint work like a ball-and-socket joint in the human's hip. Its basic mechanism is the swiveling of its round-head part in a cuplike cavity for a graceful movement of the suspension system's operation.

Some ball joints are designed to work even without grease, but there are also ball joints that require periodic lubrication, about twice a year. Otherwise, undesirable noise and wheel misalignment would result therein. The front suspension usually employs two pairs of ball joints with each wheel having an upper and lower ball joints for better and smooth swiveling even for quite some time and in the midst of dirt, mud, bumps and jolts. One way to check if you already need to replace your vehicle's ball joint is its non-tight fitting into the sockets as it did before. Here at Parts Train, we offer great deals of premium quality ball joints like the Infiniti ball joint and other parts and accessories for all your automotive needs. Check them out now!