Your Honda S2000 ball joint keeps the steering knuckle firmly connected to the A-arm, making sure the wheels can roll easily as you steer your car. Exposed to road salt and several other damage-causing elements, ball joints may fail and ruin handling, as you lose full rein over your motor vehicle, especially when driving over bumps. You may experience sloppy steering and awful suspension when one of the ball joints goes bad.

If you hear that clicking sound that might eventually turn into a thud, you'd better check for a problematic ball joint before the front wheels start to wobble. Once your wheels seem to move loosely and you spot unusual wear patterns around your tires like cupping, you ought to look at this suspension part and upgrade this part instantly if needed. Driving with a busted ball joint on your vehicle's suspension isn't a good idea-when you corner or encounter potholes on the rd., the wheels may wander and make it hard to steer your vehicle. Invest in a fresh ball joint that's specially built for the make and model of your vehicle and precision-engineered to last for a long time.

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