Gmc S15 Pickup Ball Joint

Joining the A-frame to a steering linkage, your Gmc S15 Pickup ball joint works as a pivot between the suspension and wheels. Your car's ball joint enables you to experience excellent handling even over potholes and jolts, but due to damage-causing elements, it'll break after some time. You may notice sloppy steering and awful suspension whenever one of the ball joints goes bad.

Clicking sounds can be caused by a failing ball joint. Once your wheels seem to wander and you spot strange wear patterns on your tires like cupping, you must look at the ball joint and restore it immediately when necessary. Using a busted ball joint is not safe at all-you may lose full control over your car, specially when cornering or driving over bumps. Invest in a new ball joint that's custom-made for the specifications of your motor vehicle and durably constructed to last for a long while.

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