When you notice a clicking noise as you go in reverse and as you go more rapidly, the sound grows more apparent, that could be a symptom of a broken Ford Pinto ball joint. If you're unfamiliar with the vehicle's ball joint, it is a turning coupling that acts as the interface between your vehicle's suspension and the tires; this explains why you'll see abnormal signs of wear on the tires and you will notice bad handling the moment the ball joint stops working.

It's way easy to determine a ball joint defect: just check the tread of the tires for scallops and also excessive wear. If just after your check up you discovered that your stock unit is already in need of calling for replacement, make sure that the replacement Ford Pinto ball joint you'll get will give you the toughness and performance that will definitely meet the requirements of many motorists. By outfitting your ride with top-quality replacement ball joint, you can be sure that the automobile's knuckle will be securely held in place as the wheel moves down and up or turns from left to right.

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