Attaching the control arm to the steering knuckle, your Ford M-450 ball joint is used as a pivot placed between the wheels and suspension. In contact with road salt and many other damage-causing elements, ball joints may break and mess up suspension and steering, as you lose great control over your car, especially when driving over holes and bumps. You will experience hard steering and terrible suspension if one of the ball joints fails.

Clicking sounds might be blamed on a failing ball joint. If ever you spot a worn-out ball joint, replace it straight away right before the wheels turn loose and the tires fail prematurely with scalloping and other uncommon patterns all over them. Keeping a ruined ball joint isn't good by any means-you may possibly lose full rein over your car, especially when cornering or driving over bumps. Look for a first-class replacement unit that not only suits your car snugly but is also engineered to survive even the toughest driving environment.

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