Linking the A-arm to a steering linkage, your Ford Falcon ball joint is used as a pivot placed between the wheels and suspension. Exposed to dirt and other harsh elements, ball joints may crack and mess up handling, as you lose full rein over your car, especially whenever you drive over bumps. Due to a bad ball joint, you may have to cope with rough steering and poor suspension.

As soon as you get to hear that click that may soon become a thud, you'd better confirm if there's a loose ball joint right before the front-end wheels suddenly wobble. If your wheels feel like they wander and you discover unusual wear patterns somewhere in your tires such as scalloping, you must look at the ball joint and upgrade this immediately if necessary. Driving with a worn-out ball joint on your car's suspension is not a great plan-when you turn or drive over potholes on the road, the wheels may shake and make it hard to maneuver your car. Search for a high-grade replacement unit that not only matches your vehicle like a glove but is also engineered to survive even the harshest road environment.

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