Linking the A-arm to one of the steering knuckles, your Ford F650 ball joint is used as a pivot between the wheels and suspension. Subjected to road debris and many other damaging elements, ball joints may fail and spoil steering and suspension, as you lose great control over your vehicle, specially when driving over bumps. Because of a busted ball joint, you will have to suffer from sloppy steering and horrible suspension.

Clicking sounds can be caused by a loose ball joint. If you find a defective ball joint, restore this immediately just before the wheels move loosely and the tires wear out prematurely with scuffs and other unconventional patterns all over them. Holding on to a damaged ball joint is not safe by any means-you might lose full control over your car, especially when turning or driving over humps. Put money into a new ball joint that is custom-designed for the make and model of your vehicle and precision-engineered to last for a long time.

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