Your Ford F59 ball joint keeps the steering knuckle securely attached to the A-frame, making sure the wheels can roll easily as you drive your automobile. Exposed to road salt and several other damaging elements, ball joints may break and ruin steering and suspension, as you lose full rein over your car, specially whenever you drive over holes and bumps. Using a broken ball joint, you'll have to deal with sloppy steering and terrible suspension.

Clunking noises might be blamed on a loose ball joint. If you see a defective ball joint, change this right away just before the wheels move loosely and the tires wear out prematurely with scalloping and other uncommon patterns around them. Having a busted ball joint isn't good at all-you may possibly lose great control over your vehicle, particularly when turning or driving over humps. Look for a top-quality stock replacement that not only matches your automobile perfectly but is also designed to survive even the most unforgiving road conditions.

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