Your Ford Courier ball joint keeps the steering knuckle solidly linked to the A-frame so that the wheels can move with less trouble as you drive your car. Your vehicle's ball joint lets you experience excellent ride control even over bumps and jerks, but when exposed to harsh elements, it will break over time. Due to a broken ball joint, you may have to suffer from sloppy steering and horrible suspension.

Clunking noises might be blamed on a loose ball joint. If you find a defective ball joint, replace it right away just before the wheels become loose and the tires break prematurely with scuffs and other uncommon patterns around them. Driving with a busted ball joint on your car's suspension isn't a great idea-when you make a turn or encounter bumps on the road, the wheels may wobble and make it difficult to steer your vehicle. Spend money on a fresh ball joint that's custom-designed for the specifications of your car and superbly engineered to last for a long while.

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