Whenever you take on a rough and potholed terrain, the tendency of your vehicle is to run uneven and bouncy also. However, you don't really feel uncomfortable while being inside because of what the suspension does. The suspension is that portion of the vehicle that connects the wheels to the vehicle's metal skeletal structure called frame. The basic function of the suspension is to take good care of the vehicle's ride quality or the way a vehicle feels as it travels giving the passengers due comfort. Quality suspension can also enhance the vehicle's ability to turn and to keep traveling in the desired direction over rugged roads, or enables the vehicle to take corners at a higher speed.

The suspension, being an important component of an automobile must be given proper attention especially when your vehicle is constantly engaged in off-road cruising. As an owner, you must be well versed with the different components of the suspension to help you monitor which parts already need to be replaced. Most suspensions showcase coil springs or leaf springs, shock absorbers or struts, anti-sway bars, and a system of linkages like the control arms or A-arms, torsion bars, 4-links or trailing arms. A suspension, specifically the independent front suspension system has a ball-and-socket arrangement called ball joint that connects the upper and lower A-arms to the wheel carrier or steering knuckle.

Further, a ball joint like the Ford ball joint is a flexible coupling offered either as an upper or lower ball joint assembly. They allow the spindle to rotate when steered and consequently move vertically to absorb road bumps at the same time. They are usually crafted into an inner ball which is bolted to the spindle and a socket which is fastened to the control arm. Some ball joints are ought to be lubricated periodically to prevent wear through their grease fittings while others never require grease. When you get to notice a suspension noise and wheel misalignment, it is either you need to have your ball joint lubricated or you need to replace it immediately. You can find the best quality ball joints here at Parts Train. Try to go over our catalogue and see for yourself.