So you notice a clicking noise when backing up and as your speed improves, that sound gets more obvious, that is a sign of a defective Eagle Premier ball joint. If you're unfamiliar with the ball joint, it's a turning coupling serving as the pivot point between the vehicle's suspension and tires; it describes why there are irregular patterns of wear in the tires and you'll observe unfavorable handling when your ball joint malfunctions.

One way to spot ball joint damage is to examine the tread to check for scalloping and abnormal wear. If just after your evaluation you learned that your stock is currently requiring replacement, make sure that the replacement Eagle Premier ball joint you'll purchase will offer you the toughness and overall performance that will definitely answer the demands of many motorists. With a top-quality ball joint replacement, you can be sure that the automobile's knuckle will be safely kept in place as your wheel goes up and down or switches from side to side.

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