A car is a mechanism that's composed of various systems working together towards a common goal which is, to make the car perform well on the road. Understanding how each system works can be a big plus if you are a car owner. Having a basic knowledge of the functions of each component will be a big help especially if you experience some car problem while driving alone. This way you'll be able to tell which part needs to be remedied.

One of the most important systems that a car has is the steering and the suspension. To a lot of people this term just conjures images of struts, springs and coils. However, aside from these items it also consists of the ball joint. Many may not have heard of this part and will wonder what it does for their car. The ball joint is a very important part of any vehicle's steering and suspension systems because it enables the front wheels to connect with the main axle making it easy to maneuver. To sum up this function, it basically serves as a linkage setup. But aside from that it also functions as a steering knuckle pivot support between the suspension and tires. As pivot support it helps a lot in the wheel's alignment function. Without a good ball joint, you surely can't expect your car to give its best performance or it may not even stir from its present location.

Once you see a ball joint you'll probably be surprised at its deceptively simple appearance. This device looks only like an ordinarily like any joint with the ball and socket design. However, its looks are really misleading since it is constructed out of tough steel, bearing stud and socket giving it the strength to assist the suspension in supporting the weight of the whole vehicle. If your car has the conventional type of suspensions system then you'll see two ball joints installed which are the upper and lower ball joints.

Like most car linkage devices, the ball joint too needs to be lubricated at all times. In this manner the joints will be able to move smoothly with every time you move the steering wheel. Most vehicles nowadays come with permanently lubed ball joints so you don't have to go through the hassle of lubing it each and every time.

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