Two of the most important aspects that car manufacturers never fail to consider are car's capabilities in terms of performance and comfort. Chrysler is one of the top carmakers that keep this idea in mind. If you take a close look at their creations you will really see that there is an epitome of class and aerodynamics. Chryslers are very careful in the way they design their models, every component are carefully structured for maximum performance.

Chrysler vehicles will never be able to function well without the steering and suspension systems. These two structures have a first-hand involvement in the vehicle handling and management. These systems are made up of functional parts like springs, shocks, sway bars as well as the ball joint. All of these components have their individual roles but it's all aimed towards a common goal which is to make the car run a smoothly as possible.

The ball joint in particular may look just like an ordinary piece of metal but it performs heavy responsibilities for the whole car. This is usually made out of hardened metal in order for it to withstand the pressure placed on it. If you investigate it closely you will see the other parts that comprise it including the bearing stud and socket enclosed in a steel housing. Manufacturers design it such a way that it is still flexible. Most vehicles have two ball joints attached to their suspension structure, the upper and lower ball joints. The ball joint also plays an important role for the steering system since it serves a link between the wheels and the front axle making easier to maneuver.

The ball joints of Chrysler are permanently lubed making it very convenient since you won't have to do it by yourself each time. But even though this is the case, the ball joints are still very much prone to defects due to stress it has to bear with on a regular basis. Wandering, clunking noises and awful handling are some of the signs that will pinpoint defect in the suspension and steering systems. These signs shouldn't be ignored because the damage could extend to the other parts of the car posing more danger to you and your passengers.

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