When you notice a clicking noise when backing up and as your speed improves, that sound becomes more obvious, that is an indication of a damaged Chevrolet Metro ball joint. If you're not familiar with the vehicle's ball joint, it's a revolving coupling that acts as the spinning linkage between your vehicle's suspension and the tires; this explains why you'll notice abnormal signs of wear in your tires and you will observe bad handling as soon as the ball joint stops working.

A good way to detect ball joint trouble is to inspect the tread and look for scalloping and abnormal wear. If you are looking for a new ball joint, don't be content with the least expensive one you'll first see; rather, choose the Chevrolet Metro ball joint that guarantees top-quality materials and exceptional efficiency that would match the demands of strict drivers. By outfitting your vehicle with high-quality replacement ball joint, you can be confident that the ride's knuckle will be firmly held in place as your wheel moves up and down or switches from left to right.

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