Attaching the A-frame to the steering knuckle, your Chevrolet K20 ball joint serves as a pivot placed between the wheels and vehicle suspension. Your vehicle's ball joint enables you to experience superb ride control even over potholes and shock, but when exposed to damaging road elements, this will break eventually. You will certainly experience rough steering and awful suspension whenever one of the ball joints fails.

Once you notice that clicking sound that can later on turn into a thud, you have to see if there's a damaged ball joint right before the front-end wheels start to wobble. Once your wheels feel like they wander and you see unusual wear patterns on your tires such as scalloping, you ought to check the ball joint and restore this part instantly if needed. Using a damaged ball joint isn't safe by any means-you can easily lose full control over your car, especially when making sharp turns or driving over bumps. Look for a high-grade OE replacement that not only fits your vehicle snugly but is also built to endure even the harshest road conditions.

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