Your Chevrolet Hhr ball joint keeps the steering knuckle securely hooked up to the A-arm, so the wheels can move steadily as you drive your vehicle. Your vehicle's ball joint allows you to benefit from smooth ride quality even over humps and jerks, but because of damage-causing elements, it will break eventually. You may go through rough steering and poor suspension in case any of the ball joints breaks.

Once you notice that clicking sound that might later on turn into a thud, you have to see if there's a broken ball joint right before the front wheels start to shake. Once your wheels feel like they move loosely and you spot unusual wear patterns on your tires such as cupping, you must inspect this suspension part and replace it instantly if needed. Using a broken ball joint isn't safe in any way-you can easily lose full control over your automobile, especially when cornering or driving over bumps. Seek a high-grade replacement unit that not only suits your vehicle perfectly but is also engineered to survive even the most unforgiving road environment.

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