Attaching the A-frame to one of the steering knuckles, your Chevrolet Chevette ball joint acts as a pivot in-between the suspension and wheels. In contact with road salt and many other harsh elements, ball joints may crack and spoil steering and suspension, as you lose full rein over your car, particularly when driving over humps. Due to a broken ball joint, you will have to deal with hard steering and awful suspension.

Clunking noises might be attributed to a worn-out ball joint. As soon as your wheels seem to wander and you spot uncommon wear patterns around your tires such as scuffs, you must examine this suspension component and replace this straight away if needed. Driving with a broken ball joint on your automobile's suspension is not really a good option-when you turn or drive over bumps on the street, the wheels may move loosely and make it hard to maneuver your vehicle. Search for a first-class OE replacement that not only matches your car perfectly but is also made to withstand even the most unforgiving driving conditions.

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