There are drivers who are a bit sensitive than others who can easily recognize a mild defect or problem in the car's steering and suspension system. They are able to know if the suspension system cannot serve its basic functions of keeping the wheels in firm contact with the road and another is to provide a comfortable ride for the passengers anymore. A defect in the suspension mechanism, can lead into a very uncomfortable ride. You can just imagine all the work loads being endured by the automobile's wheels. Good thing there are springs underneath that takes on the pounding of the vehicle's body against the ground every time it passes through a rough and bumpy road, finishing it off by a shock absorber that takes good care of the bouncing and swaying after each bump for a more relaxed and easy ride.

If you are going to take a close look of the suspension system, there is a flexible coupling component that connects the control arm into the knuckle called ball joint. This component is the pivotal part of the wrist movement and the movement of the car's front wheels which is better known as the front suspension. Ball joints like the Chevrolet ball joint operate like a ball-and-socket joint in the human's hip. It's basically designed to have a round-head part that swivels in a cuplike cavity. There are ball joints which are crafted that can work even in the absence of some grease, while others need to be lubricated regularly twice a year. Non-compliance of this can lead to the joints being loose thereby creating suspension noise and wheel misalignment.

Normally, a car's front suspension requires four sets of ball joints. Each front wheel needs an upper and lower ball joints for effective performance of swiveling smoothly for a long period of time without giving any trouble in spite of dirt, mud, bumps and jolts. You will be able to know if the ball joints are already worn out as they could no longer fit in the sockets as snugly as they did before. If the problem regarding you car's ball joint is only mild then an annoying sound will only be heard but if the problem is severe already, it can lead to road accidents and vehicular mishaps.