Linking the A-frame to the steering knuckle, your Cadillac Sts ball joint acts as a pivot placed between the wheels and suspension. Exposed to road debris and many other harsh elements, ball joints may crack and spoil suspension and steering, as you lose full rein over your automobile, particularly when driving over bumps. You may go through hard steering and poor suspension as soon as one of the ball joints breaks.

As soon as you notice that clunk that may later on turn into a thump, you have to check for a loose ball joint right before the front wheels start to shake. As soon as your wheels obviously wander and you spot abnormal wear patterns somewhere in your tires such as cupping, you must examine the ball joint and change this right away if needed. Keeping a busted ball joint is not safe at all-you can easily lose great control over your car, especially when making sharp turns or driving over bumps. Spend money on a new ball joint that is specially built for the make and model of your vehicle and precision-engineered to last for a long while.

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