There are many automobile brands today that are vying for the number one place as the best vehicle provider in the world. Most of us have heard of Acura, BMW, Cadillac, Dodge, Eagle, Suzuki, Honda and a lot more. But when it comes to luxury vehicles, one of the names that will inevitably come to the fore is Cadillac. This is a marque of General Motors that has been known for their superbly designed exterior and sumptuous interior features. This brand has a wide range of distribution of their vehicles - from North America, Middle East and even to Europe. Diverse models of compact sedans, crossovers, Sports Utility Vehicles and full size luxury vehicles can be attributed to this GM marque.

Aside from luxurious appearance, Cadillac is also concerned about the performance of their cars especially when it comes to the steering and suspension operations. These two systems play very important roles in giving a satisfying ride by lessening the impact of bumps or uneven surfaces. This aspect is made possible through the ball joint that grips the steering knuckle firmly even if your wheels encounter some terribly rough terrain. The ball joint serves as the pivot points between the suspension and the tires; it also helps support the weight of the whole vehicle and at the same time facilitates the proper alignment of the wheels. If you drive and you have the ease of maneuvering the wheel not just in the open road but especially in the tight curves, that's the evidence of your ball joint working at its best.

Because of the hard task assigned to the ball joint, it really needs to be very sturdy and tough in nature. Manufacturers are aware of this that's why they make it a point to use only high-grade materials in its production. So the end result is a ball joint made of hardened steel. The whole ball joint is composed of a bearing stud and a socket that's enclosed in a steel housing.

Even though your Cadillac ball joint is made of quality materials, it is still very prone to damage. Due to long it can come loose resulting to poor drivability. Damage is detectable because your car will usually show signs like clunking noises, wandering and overall poor behavior. A bad joint can be potentially dangerous for you and your passengers so the best thing to do would be to opt for a replacement.

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