A lot of car enthusiasts want to have a competition-ready suspension and steering even though they are not into racing. This is to feed their fantasy car with something that will make it stand out in the middle of the road. One of the best ways to achieve such dream performance is by simply maintaining the vital suspension and steering parts. Since these parts are subjected to constant movement, you should check their condition regularly. Some parts wear down and need periodical replacement. Among them is the Buick Century Ball joint.

The ball joint is made from hardened-steel, bearing stud and socket that settle in a steel housing. The bearing stud is tapered and threaded so that it will fit into the steering knuckle hole. There is a protective boot that is essential for keeping dirt from entering the joint assembly. Since the ball joint is a moving element in the suspension, there is always the possibility of getting contaminated with dirt especially when not lubed properly.

Ball joints are often found in the front end of most vehicles. Some conventional suspension systems are equipped with two ball joints per wheel — one is for the upper joint and the other for the lower ball joint. If your vehicle has a MacPherson strut suspension system, then the lower ball joint and an upper strut bearing are preferred than an upper ball joint. Ball joints are like our elbows or other joints found in our body. They serve as the pivot points between the suspension and the tires. Each ball joint is so important for supporting the weight of the vehicle. Even so, other ball joints are also used to make wheel alignment settings.

There are ball joints that can't be lubricated as they are already lubed permanently. On the other hand, you can find a lot of ball joints that come with lubrication fittings. These ball joints must be lubricated at every oil change. Experts say that ball joints and other suspension elements should be checked at least once a year. In case you experience wandering, or erratic steering, you need to immediately check the suspension especially the ball joints. Uneven tire wear is also among the symptoms of a bad suspension.

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