Buick vehicles are manufactured to have the best handling and steering dynamics. These are integrated with high quality steering and suspension components, designed mainly to provide a comfortable riding experience. Because of this, you can achieve the level of comfort that you expect when riding a Buick. But when you start to experience symptoms such as erratic steering and wandering, you should begin to suspect that something could be wrong with your vehicle's steering and suspension. These symptoms should not be left unattended because these can significantly affect your vehicle's overall operation. So, before these lead to more serious steering and suspension problems, you should inspect the system's subcomponents which very much include the Buick ball joint.

The main function of the ball joint is to hold the top of the steering knuckle to the A-arm, preventing too much movement in turns and hard cornering. This often works together with the tie rod, which has a function of transmitting the steering rack motion to the front wheels, creating a stellar steering feel. The functions of the ball joint and the tie rod are essential in the left and right steering of your vehicle as well as in the steady movement of the wheels. That is why these two should be inspected annually and be lubricated at every oil change to ensure their efficient working condition.

But just like the other components of your steering and suspension systems, the ball joint will fail eventually because of the stress placed on the vehicle's front suspension system. This failure will then result to a loose and sloppy steering and other significant handling problems. But how will you know if you have a bad ball joint? The answer is simple, be aware of these signs: wandering, clunking noises, and overall poor handling. If you notice any of these, you should have it inspected and replaced if necessary.

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